As much as Urology Group of Athens is committed to its mission… “where the human side of healthcare is here to stay” … we are also staying ahead of the pack in new and innovative treatments and diagnostic options.


Urology Group of Athens’ Doctor Blankenship and Doctor Schwender have helped pioneer the development and expansion of robotic surgery and the daVinci surgical system in the Greater Athens area. Now 10 years since the advent of robotic surgical systems, urologists are emerging as the world leaders in the use of such technology.


As Dr. Blankenship is quoted in Southern Distinction magazine as saying, “We now use the daVinci System to perform procedures that historically involved large incisions and extended recovery, but with the innovative use of robotic surgery, we have been able to successfully perform surgery through very small incisions with top precision.”


Today there are other areas of innovation and technology that Urology Group of Athens is pioneering.

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