A new emerging treatment for overactive bladders is a non-drug, non-surgical treatment branded under the name Urgent ® PC. The treatment uses a hand-held device that sends low level electric impulses through a small, slim needle electrode inserted in a patient’s ankle.

.“This is a treatment approach we are using here at Urology Group of Athens. During a average 30-minute treatment, mild impulses from the stimulator travel through the needle electrode, along your leg and to the nerves in a patient’s pelvis that control the function of the bladder,” according to Dr. Oliver.

As many as 80% of patients using Urgent ® PC treatment are experiencing improvement, even if other treatments such as medications, have failed.

Patients often participate in an initial series of 12 treatments scheduled about a week apart. Most of the treatment sessions last about 30 minutes per session using the hand-held electronic device.

After the 12 treatments the patient and the doctor together evaluate whether the therapy is appropriate, assisting in control of the bladder and the time between follow-up treatment and monitoring.