Urology Group of Athens designed treatment programs in which patients come into the office and work in tandem with the nurse practitioners in guided sessions of exercise, electrical stimulation and monitoring. Some have described the process of having a high-tech, medically smart workout coach!

“A number of my patients have heard about what’s sometimes is referred to as Kagel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles after encountering things like pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, aging and being overweight,” says Dr. Catherine Schwender.

As Baby Boomers age, more individuals are facing the challenge of overactive bladders. More advertising airs on television sets promoting options to management overactive bladders.

“What’s very interesting now is that there is a way in which we can use a combination of both computer monitoring of the muscles and electrical stimulation to further enhance the historic Kagel exercise technique,” adds Dr. Schwender.

The electrical stimulation causes the muscles to contract and helps guide individuals in indentifyng the correct muscles to improve.