We all hear about the weight lifters, joggers and mall walkers, but few have heard of friends and peers doing their regular Kegel exercises. The Kegel exercise works with the pubococcygeus muscle – or PC muscle – that is a “hammock- like” muscle found in both males and females that stretches from the front of the pelvic bones to the tail bone.

The easiest way to locate the PC muscles is halfway through urination, try to stop the flow. Don’t tense up the muscles in your buttocks, legs or abdomen… and don’t hold your breath. Once you can slow or stop the flow, you have successfully located your PC muscles.

The exercise is easy, but recommend that person not do it with a full bladder or an urge to urinate. Contract you PC muscles… hold the contraction for three second then relax for three seconds… then repeat this 10 times. Try to do a set of 10 contractions, three times during the day

Working the PC muscles helps many prevent urinary stress and incontinence and increase urinary control.