Many think of urology in the context of men, but women face urinary health challenges, too.

In fact, millions of women face the challenge of an overactive bladder each year in the U.S. About 40% of all women in the U.S. live with Overactive Bladder symptoms.

There are a number of pharmaceutical companies currently running ads for different drugs that can assist with the problem, but many women living with Overactive Bladder symptoms don’t ask for help – partly because they are embarrassed about their situation.

Overactive Bladder isn’t a disease. It’s a name given to a set of urinary symptoms like the “gotta go” feeling – the sudden, strong urge to urinate that seems out-of-control. Overactive Bladder can happen when the nerve signals between the bladder and the brain tell the bladder to empty even when it’s not full. The situation can happen when the bladder muscles are overactive too.

As women grow older, the risk of Overactive Bladder increases. Women who have gone through menopause seem to be at a greater risk. Caffeine, alcohol and highly spiced foods can increase the risk too.

If you or family or friends might be experiencing the “gotta go” feeling more than in the past, contact Urology Group of Athens to craft a program to address the issue.