Many of the classic winter drinks like coffee au lait and hot chocolate or mocha varieties are not good on the bladder and kidneys. So the big question often asked is what are the best alternative options.

Best news is that hot water is very good at helping the bladder. A paced consumption of water throughout the day is much better than gulping down a bunch of water all at once. And when we drink hot beverages, we tend to pace our consumption much better.

Lemons and cranberry juice both add flavor as well as help keep the urinary tract healthy. They also combine nice with Green Teas that contain very powerful antioxidants that help fight infections of the kidney, bladder and urinary tract.

Other teas that contain ingredients like juniper berry, orange peel, parsley root and Peppermint leaf are also very good. You can even do an Internet search for “tea for bladder health” and find a selection of herbal teas specifically branded around bladder and kidney health.


Top herbal teas include: (1) Lemon Balm Tea (2) Ginger Tea (3) Rosehip Tea (4) Peppermint Tea (5) Orange Blossom Tea