“Physicians today are pioneering new ways to diagnose, assess and treat patients that is moving healthcare forward… along with wellness and recovery.”

Many Uind it hard to believe that Dr. Blankenship takes time out of his schedule to get on top of a tractor and work the soil on a farm, but he does. In addition to own a residence in greater Athens, he also owns a farm north of Athens where he goes to relax and take short “time outs.”

“My farm is the ‘high touch’ that I use to balance the technology that is used in medical treatment today. It nurtures the ‘high touch’ of healthcare that U.G.A. is committed to deliver to patients and family.”

John Blankenship grew-up in Athens, graduated from Cedar Shoals and went on to earn a 4-year degree from the University of Georgia. He has two older brothers who pursued careers in medicine and studied at what was then the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. When Dr. Blankenship – back then just simply John – visited one of his brothers and toured the anatomy lab, he became inspired to become a doctor too.

“Times have changed a lot from back then compared to how we use technology to process information as well as diagnose our patients today,” says Dr. Blankenship.

While healthcare changes from Washington are translating into limited time with an actual physician, Dr. Blankenship remains very committed to get-to-know his patients and better understand what they do and value in their day-to-day lives.

As a patient is quoted as saying, “The best part of my Urology Group of Athens experience is Dr. Blankenship. He gives me his undivided attention. He has a great way of explaining my situation in a way that I can fully understand.”

Yet as much as he is high touch in building personal patient relationships, Dr. Blankenship is also one of the very first Athens area physicians to learn and use robotic surgery. Today, Dr. Blankenship uses robotic and laser surgery as needs fit and leads many of other physicians in the use of it at St. Mary’s hospital.

As Dr. Blankenship shares, “When I go to my farm, I get back in touch with my roots and why I do the work I do to serve the greater Athens area… the place that’s my home.”

To learn more about Dr. Blankenship, watch his video about his perspective of health and technology at www.urologygroupofathens.com/our-team/.