“Keeping pace with the latest and the most innovative changes happening with the Internet.”

Back in March of the this year, the Urology Group of Athens website was updated with a much simpler format that is not only easy to reach on desktop and laptop computers, but even more so on mobile smart phones and Apple iPads.

Mobile website access has changed the conventional architecture of websites that got to the point of multiple sets of menu buttons, pop-up screens, text-laden page contents and cubby holes that reminded a person of the attics in the old homes of our parents.

The new Urology Group of Athens website is simple. Visitors can quickly access patient resources like new patient packets as well as a simple contact number to call to schedule an appointment.

New patients and current patients alike are encourage to learn more about our team right here at Urology Group of Athens by visiting the Team page of video snapshots found under the first menu listing of Urology Group of Athens.

To better understand different urology conditions and treatments, the website has a link to a great online resource called Urology Care Foundation with information provided by the American Urological Association. The Urology Care Foundation also has a rich set of Survivor Stories as well as a great Caregivers Resource under its Outreach menu selection.