“My philosophy of treatment is not centered around a case, but a person… the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of the whole person.”

Dr. Tom Oliver, with more than 30 years experience as a doctor, is the founder of Urology Group of Athens, formerly branded as Athena Urology Group.

Dr. Oliver was born in Charlotte, NC and moved to the greater Athens area when he was in high school. He graduated from Oconee High School, received his graduate degree from the University of Georgia and then went on to get his physician’s degree at the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine.

Unique from many physicians, Dr. Oliver believes in the full health and well-being of a person – mind, body, emotional spirit and soul. Its this perspective of full-scope care that he shares with his team at Urology Group of Athens.

“Our health is all about balance. Treating a condition strictly on a physical mechanical level might address a functional issue, but wellness and well-being overall involves emotionally balancing the stress of work and family along with a spiritual level of one’s mission and reason for waking up each morning.”

Growing up with a fascination of both science as well as literature, Dr. Oliver fondly remembers times at the University of Georgia. He was lettered on the basketball team and is a huge supporter of UGA Athletics.

Dr. Oliver interned at Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta and served residency at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, the college that is now named Georgia Health Sciences University. It was during both his internship and residency where he had rich patient experiences as well as the ability to learn from some great medical leadership.

Just this past year, 2013, Dr. Oliver received outstanding physician recognition as a founding member of the American Society of Men’s Health.

Today, healthcare delivery is changing and evolving, but Dr. Oliver is very committed to ensuring that his patients are respected and treated as a full person and not a case or a medical statistic. “Healthcare reform is still very much evolving and the aspect of prevention versus treatment of a problem is a strong positive area of reinforcement.”

To learn more about Dr. Oliver, watch his video about his perspective of health and

well-being at www.urologygroupofathens.com/our-team/.